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6 Generation Pedigree Details



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6 Generation Pedigree
Sample 6 Generation Pedigree



 6 Generation Pedigree

6 Generation Pedigree Researched from the registry your dog is registered with. Champions are printed in red.  Color and DNA / OFA information are displayed on all but the last Generation.

Order Online             Price $22.00


Your pedigree will be researched and sent to you via US Mail, Fax, or Emailed as a PDF attachment. If data is incomplete or missing, which requires contacting Registries for additional information, there will be an additional charge for missing data. 

AKC® registered dogs with sires or dams entering the Stud Books after 08-04 will incur an additional AKC® data fee of $10.00.

Pedigrees delivered via Fax will incur an additional $2.00 fee.  Champions printed in red for free

6 Generation Pedigrees printed on 11 x 17 parchment paper and shipped folded / flat at no additional charge.  If you prefer to have it rolledand shipped in a tube there is an additional  $6.00 shipping charge.

As always, you will not incur any additional charges without being contacted first.

If you are ordering multiple pedigrees consider using our WebPed Internet Pedigree Portal for ordering, viewing, printing, and creating puppy pedigrees from your breeding adults.